Changing one pickup and the tuning pegs on my guitar

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This week-end I paused for a day my #guitar2bass project to replace one of the pickup of my actual electric guitar.

I get an EMG H4 from the guitar that's becoming a bass and some "3+3" tuning pegs and I will use them to give a fresh air to my nearly 40yo guitar.

Changing a guitar microphone is quite simple: take the pickguard off, weld off the old pickup, weld the new one and put the pickguard back on. In my case the problem was a little harder for two reasons:

  1. I replaced a single-coil guitar by an humbucker, twice as big. This means I had to increase the size of the cavity it will be into in the body and in the pickguard.
  2. My guitar is old, and so the wiring is. Some new wouldn't be bad!

Changing the pickup

The change of the pickup was the easiest part of the hole process.

Normaly, I would have enlarged the pickup cavity with a router but I don't have one so I just used a chisel for the body and a file for the pickguard. Finally, it's not perfectly cut, but it's good enough for me :)







New electronic wiring

This is when the things get complicated. I'm not expert in electronic, neither in guitar wiring.

In order to have something clean and working, I based my work on the original wiring and the free diagrams made by Seymour Duncan on their website.

The bad thing for me is that now guitars mainly have an x positions switch, but my guitar has 3 "on/off" switchs to power on and off each one of the pickups, followed by one volume per pickup and a general tone.

I tried to make a thing that, once the guitar is done, wouldn't be completely fucked up. It seams that, regardless of which switchs are on or off, every pickups are used. And, last but not least, I don't think the volumes worked well... I think I'll try to look to this once again to fix this1.



New pegheads

Finally I also changed the tuning keys that were completly rusted and not usable. But the guitar originaly has "6 inline" keys, and I only have "3+3" pegheads left.

So I used an...original positioning. But at least it works and I can now tune up my guitar to the perfection \o/



  1. But I still need to buy a multimeter (thanks to @Serianox_ and @g4l4drim for the advice). 

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